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We design, develop, manufacture and supply world-class LED luminaires and fittings.

LED Supply

Not only will we calculate yiour savings and provide you with a detailed plan of action to reduce your bill. We will provide you with exact solution and combination or products that suite your situation. From downlights to tubes and fitting, panel lights, highbays and ceiling lamps. We have the most comprehensive range of LED products. Supply And Fit.

True Cost Calculation

While most LED dealers mistakenly measure power savings by published bulb wattage, we quantify true electrical consumption and savings directly at the socket. By accurately measuring and reporting the light output of its fixtures, we are able to ensure energy savings for our clients, and provide the best possible solution for your business.

Energy Saving Calculation

Many people are still confused about the cost benefits of LED Lighting. All they see is the higher cost price compared to CFL, Halogen and other types of lighting and feel that it is too expensive. What people don't understand is that LED's are a LOT cheaper to operate and own. They also last a lot longer so save you money on electricity and replacement bulbs as well for a longer period of time.